What is Presnap

PreSnap is an app that uses the power of social media to create a platform where anyone can access the best ideas in the game at any time. We strive to provide the football community with a place where innovation can thrive, techniques can improve and drills be shared.


Who are we


PreSnap is similar to any other social media app. Simply follow the in-app tooltips, and gain access to the techniques, drills, and scheme ideas from top football coaches. Nobody wants to sit through an hour-long clinic hoping to hear what they need to hear. PreSnap gives its users the ability to train efficiently and effectively through our expertly curated content.


PreSnap incentivizes experts to share their knowledge in two forms. The first is advertising services. Content creators make money every single time someone views their profile or opens one of their videos. The second is your own “Premium Content”. This is a way to sell your specialized content or anything else for that matter, to your specific audience. If someone wants to hear you truly go in-depth into a specific topic, that’s probably not going to be free. That kind of expertise never is. This is a way to sell yourself in several different ways for potentially even higher earnings. Initial content creators will have higher percentages and dividends than creators joining after the platform launches.

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Who benefits?

  • Coaches have access to infinitely more knowledge anywhere in the world.
  • Players have access to techniques and drills they never had before.
  • Recruits have access to their future coach and what they teach.
  • Head Coaches have access to potential hires even before an interview.


As current Division 1 players and coaches, we know what it takes to win National Championships, New Year’s Six bowl games, and send players to the NFL Draft. Our team understands the importance of elite coaching in a player’s development and we want to make it available to everyone. The PreSnap app gives you access to the best coaching in football through our exclusive football community.

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